At Very Copy, we offer a wide array of services that are designed to satisfy all of our customers. From press releases and blog writing to product reviews and landing page content, our services are sure to accommodate every request for high-quality content. Predicated on producing well-developed, unique, and reliable services, we are always dedicated to providing you with the most affordable high-quality copywriting services on the market.

Very Copy offers a variety of copywriting services, becoming the only shop you need for all your content requirements. In order to provide you with a personalized service, we have customized our ordering scheme to get you the best results possible.

Essentially, what we consider to be standard blog content is any piece of writing that doesn’t require a technical language and/or extensive research on our writers' part. At Very Copy, we classify complex blog content as writing that requires methodical language and meticulous research and writing. We believe that it is best if these two types of blog content are differentiated because it allows our writers to better do their job and allows us to pay them a fair wage for both their writing and time.

We also offer a ton of other writing services like press releases, home page content, and about page content. We also cater to niche-oriented content for our customers and are capable of writing reviews, product descriptions, and product page content. Because of our wide variety of services, we make it a point to serve each customer every step of the way when it comes to facilitating their content needs, which is why we also allow customers to place bulk orders.

Not only do we pride ourselves on producing the best high-quality content on the market, we are also proud that we accomplish this by hiring writers who are both native English speakers and have college experience.

At Very Copy, we screen all of our applicants for these basic requirements, while also thoroughly reviewing a writing sample that each prospective writer submits before actually hiring the writer. Because of our strict screening process, we are able to ensure you that we only hire the best writers so we are able to supply the highest level of content possible.

We guarantee...

...that each piece of work produced by our writers will be 100% unique content, making sure to scan each piece of writing through a plagiarism check before delivering the final copy to you. We always strive to provide our high-quality copywriting services at the cheapest prices possible. The price point we set for our writing reflects a 300-word count for each piece; meaning, every price that is shown on our site reflects a price point based on an article of 300 words. We want our ordering system to be as transparent as possible for our clients so they can immediately witness how affordable our services are compared to our competitors. This means that if you need an article that is a smaller word count (or even a larger word count) you can rest assured that the price is always going to be very straightforward.