Very Copy strives to eliminate all the headaches for high-quality copywriting. We recognize that the demand on our clients to produce unique content for their websites can become troublesome and stressful, because too many content companies over-complicate their writing services. With Very Copy, our clients are stress-free (at least when it comes to content writing for their sites). We make sure our customers are getting great content along with receiving great customer service at every step of the way. We refuse to waste our clients’ time and their company resources all in the name of something that we feel should be simple. Go ahead and heave a sigh of relief– we’ve got you!

So what is Very Copy about?

We have a philosophy for our writing

simplicity + affordability = convenience.

We started this copywriting company because we recognized the need for a writing service that was both affordable and simple for the clients and writers.

Founded by

two writers...

who have multiple years of writing experience, fostering close relationships with global clientèle, and teaching/training writers the craft of commercial writing, we have designed Very Copy to cater to every client’s needs. Whether a customer wants to order a single article or place weekly bulk orders, we take on every piece of writing a client throws at us.

At Very Copy, we like to keep it simple. Our goal is to provide such excellent services for our clients’ content needs that we inevitably become an extension to their already awesome team. We value our customers, we value our writers, and we value the challenge of the evolving world of copywriting.

How ready are we to do your copywriting? Very!